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My personal story in dealing with stress - Episode 5/6 – My dream of becoming an entrepreneur

I always dreamed of being an entrepreneur, but what to start? It was also a question of courage, the courage the quit a great job in a beautiful company. I was taking the risk to leave a safe, well-paid position for the unknown full of uncertainty. But I had an idea, turning my passion for well-being and a healthy lifestyle into a business. I spent a lot of time learning and sharing online through my group and seminars. I participated in yoga and meditation retreats as well. For about two years, I did this in my evenings and weekends. But I started to be more convinced that there is a real need for this at an individual or company level. I’m convinced that if I had someone to guide me, I would have found all these solutions, technics, and products much faster, and I would have been better more quickly. But I learned so much during these years that it was maybe time to become this person and move forward to my dreams.

In May 2022, following an internal reorganization in my company, it was an opportunity to follow my dream. It was maybe time for me to become an entrepreneur in the well-being industry. During these previous years, I tested and learned technics and met many people, such as medical doctors, therapists, and coaches. I tried many different products to fight against stress; detox, improve my nutrition, sleep better, improve my immunity, and improve my focus and overall energy. My network has also expanded a lot, and I was able to select the people I wanted to work with. Working with specialists also helped me understand that there is a need for a place dedicated to well-being, a need for them to join a community of people to work together. I love to say that when we are together, we are stronger. I started my activity during Covid. Therefore, I had to do everything online, but I’m convinced that people need to meet in person through events, seminars, and well-being retreats.

Let’s start writing a business plan and looking for training to support my new activity. After agreeing with my company that we would separate, during my notice period, I decided to apply for the coaching school of my favorite coach and mentor, Jay Shetty. I enrolled in a meditation teacher certification school with thePath. I learned about the differences between a coach, a therapist, a mentor, and a concealer, and I fell in love with coaching.

Today, I’m a certified life coach and meditation teacher and fully equipped to try to launch my business. May my dream come true by serving others to reconnect and find the best of themselves, health, and happiness.

Does this resonate with you? If you are curious about working with me, let's chat over a virtual coffee!

Tomorrow, episode 6 - What I do today and how I can help you?

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