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Samar Yamak

Resilience coach for entrepreneurs


I help my client build an inner compass to make decisions aligned with their authentic self to live a fulfilling life ❤️


I believe when people alleviate their pain and understand their fears, they will unleash their full potential ✨

It says there are 3 Powers in the world:
The power of the Sword, the Jewel and the Mirror.
The sword represents weapons; country who has it has a powerful military presence in the world.
The jewel represents money💰;he who has the gold makes the rules.
The mirror symbolizes the power of self knowledge 🪷
And this self knowledge is what I treasure the most as it gives us the courage to trust our inner wisdom instead of following the crowd 🕊

Together we will take the path towards self discovery, facing our fears and daring to be different!

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